Stop Shooting Fujifilm (And Switch to Kodak)


I have some mixed feelings on Fujifilm as a brand. I like what they do as far as digital, and there is no doubt in my mind that their Instax film played a big role in helping get film back into the mainstream photography world. As of lately though, I haven't seen too many reasons to continue shooting their film products. They are of course one of the only companies still making slide film, but with Ektachrome supposedly coming back in the near future, even Provia and Velvia may have some competition in the near future. 

My biggest problem with Fuji is their lack of investment in the film industry. With the recent discontinuation of Superia, a lot of people are realizing that they don't really care that much about their customers in the film market. At the same time Kodak is doing some awesome things for the film world. With them bringing back Tmax P3200 and their aforementioned work on bringing back Ektachrome, it is clear that they actually believe in film. Not only that, but they are making it more accessible to many by offering their sheet film in smaller packs, a move that makes a lot of sense with the recent resurgence of large format camera makers(namely Intrepid and Chroma).

Even their famous Instax film is(in my opinion) no longer needed with Polaroid making film once again. Not only are Polaroid Originals better(imo), but the cameras available for their film are far superior to Instax cameras, and better suited to more serious photographers. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the price. while their pro film prices are only slightly more expensive than the Kodak equivalents, for those such as myself who cant afford to shoot tons of Portra, cheaper alternatives like Ultramax and Superia are my  go-to. While Fuji consumer films are cheaper per roll, Kodak rolls are 36 exposures(vs Fuji's 24), and when you factor in developing, postage, etc, Ultramax and Gold come out to be quite a bit cheaper per frame. 

Just shoot Kodak, ok? They give a shit, and Fuji doesn't.