Olympus AF-1 Super Quartzdate Abridged Review


To the uninformed the Olympus AF-1, Or the "Super" version in my case, looks like a very appealing camera. It is automatic, reasonably well made, and has a fast 35mm F/2.8 lens. How can you go wrong at the price that they go for, right? And to be fair it does have a lot of features I like, but It really Just isn't worth it.

I'll save you some time and tell you why right off the bat. The auto focus on this thing SUCKS. And whats odd is that I can't figure out exactly why. At first I theorized that it had too few focus zones, but it repeatedly misses the focus in instances where other images at the same distance were in focus. There is no real pattern, as far as I can tell, to its lack of sharp focus. Although this could be desirable to some for the effect it gives it's photos, as a general purpose camera I can't see myself using it. 

Despite the cameras descent specs, It takes extremely mediocre photographs due to the focus issue. However, Its lens is really not all that bad, so if you need a donor for a rangefinder lens or other project, I wouldn't hesitate to use one from the AF-1, as long as you can get it at a reasonable price.