Nikon Tele Touch 300 Review (ish)

Note: This review doesn't contain any sample photos. Im sorry. Its my fault, I mixed up the roll I put through this camera with a junk roll and exposed the whole thing to sunlight. Still new to the whole film thing, and I guess handling is part of the learning process. Unfortunately this happened after I sold the camera, so I cant shoot another roll for this review. For my purposes ill be reviewing the experience of using it rather than the photos themselves. If you want test shots there are plenty available on flickr and the IQ is actually pretty good.

Nikon doesn't make a lot of duds, even as far as 35mm compacts go. While the tele touch is still one of the cheaper Nikon film cameras you can buy, it is by no means abad one. While there are tradeoffs, In my book this camera is a winner. If I didn't have a million other compacts I would definitely have kept it, but alas, such is the way of GAS(gear acquisition syndrome). Enough is never enough, and I am constantly selling my cameras in order to buy more.

At first glance this camera isn't terribly convenient. The biggest turn off is the size, because its really pretty big. In fact its about twice the size of my Olympus XA2, significantly bigger than my infinity stylus, and even a bit larger than the Nikon L35AF. The thing is - on this camera the size really doesn't make much sense. The lens is quite compact, the zoom range is very narrow, and the lens isn't all that fast either. But regardless, its a big boy and you should keep that in mind before picking one up. 

The second biggest aspect that bugs me is the battery. It takes these weird 223 batteries that I had never even seen before. They're even more expensive than cr123a's, but thankfully they also last longer. Unfortunately I don't have any other cameras that take this sort of battery, so I have a feeling that this $15 chunk of lithium is going to sit in my desk drawer for quite a while.

Shown next to a roll of film for scale

Shown next to a roll of film for scale

The next feature could be a bad thing to some, but to me its great, and that feature is the limited zoom range. With a 35-55mm lens, it almost makes you wonder why they made it a zoom lens in the first place. To me its the perfect compromise though. While I almost always use a 35mm as my do-everything focal length, i sometimes find myself wanting just a little more reach without sacrificing too much, and this camera fills that hole really well. Another thing i like about it is that the zoom is operated by a button rather than a lever, meaning it only has two zoom settings. Because of this it is quick and easy to switch between them, and is less cumbersome than finding the right zoom setting on most compacts. Lastly, and probably one of my favorite things about the camera, is the fact that it actually pre-focuses when you half press the shutter button, and its pretty quick. Though it may seem insignificant, It helps quite a bit because A) there is almost no shutter lag, and B) I can much more confidently focus and recompose shots. 

Aside from the zoom, manual settings on the tele touch are kept to a minimum, and I think the only other real controls are a flash-off setting and a self timer. All in all, I actually found this camera pretty similar to the infinity stylus. The only downside in usability is the size, but it makes u for it with its zoom capabilities and focusing system. Whether it is actually comparable is up to you though. Let me know what you think of it if you get one!

Below are a few links to samples from the camera. On the second one though, be sure to look in the photo description to see if the images are actually with the tele touch or not, because flickr tags aren't always the most accurate. The Photos are not taken by me, but should give you an idea of what to expect from the camera.