Martha's Vineyard: August 12-19, 2017

UPDATE: I wrote this article on the way home from the trip, but unfortunately upon importing the images I found that 2 memory cards worth of photos were damaged, and I have yet to find a way to recover the images. Blame sandisk ultra cards. they are legit some of the worst cards I have ever used, and this is the 5th one that has failed on me in the last year. So just know this this is in fact NOT a full weeks worth of photographs.

I recently got back from a week long trip to Martha's Vineyard, and working on my project 'Harbor Light'. Overall, it was a good trip. I didn't get out to shoot quite as much as I hoped to(got rained out a few times), but I'm happy with the images I came back with. One of the toughest parts about shooting any place on the coast is not just taking shitty sunset photos like the one above, but I think i did a descent job. Not all of these shots will make the cut, but i feel really good about them.

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My gear on this trip was pretty much as simple as it gets. All images were shot with a nikon d610, a 50mm 1.8 lens, a tripod, and a circular polarizer.

end of The jetty on the OB side of anthier's bridge

two slightly different views of the edgartown lighthouse

Eel Pond

State Beach, Oak Bluffs

bonus shot of the recent (partial) solar eclipse, as seen from western mass

A very basic star photograph. Because it is separated from the mainland, light pollution is low and stars can easily be seen from anywhere on the island