Why I Went Back To One Camera and One Lens

It's simple. Feng shui, right?

There is so much bullshit in photography gear that I don't need, and it can get overwhelming. So to simplify my setup, I sold everything(minus a flash unit), bought a Nikon DSLR because I already had a lens for the Nikon system, and that's what I'll be rocking for a little bit.

My Camera

I bought a d610 because it was cheap(for a ff), and doesn't have too many gimmicks built in, AKA wifi, bluetooth, 9000000 af points, etc. It also works really well with my lens, and doesn't have the stupid crop factor, so that's a plus.

My Lens

For my lens, I picked the plastic fantastic AKA the Nikon 50mm 1.8D. I'll admit, it's partly because I'm cheap, and a little jobless. But to be honest, if you only want one lens, it's one of the best options. I wouldn't say it's the perfect lens for any one situation, but I think it's a very good lens for just about everything. Although its a little tight as an everyday lens(a 35 would be slightly better) I really wanted a lens that would be good for portraits, and to me, a 50 satisfies that requirement while still remaining wide enough for most applications.

Plus, It wont matter if I break it! (which I probably will)