Cutting Back on Social Media

I have a weird relationship with social media. I am not the most social person to begin with, but somehow I am addicted to apps like Twitter and Instagram. I'm serious. I used to check my socials upwards of 40 times a day. Sometimes its not even because I am interested in it, I just do it because I am bored. It's actually a problem.

I have been trying to cut back on my internet use recently, and right now I only have one account on social media - Instagram. Someday I may get rid of it entirely, but for now, I am actually happy with where I'm at.

But my whole goal in doing this is to try to be more present, and just deleting a few apps isn't really enough. So there are a few tips I am using to keep my Instagram use to a minimum. Hopefully you can gain something from them, and chip away at your time spent online as well.

Tip #1: Turn off Notifications

Aside from calls and texts, the only notifications I have as far as communication are from gmail. Now, I don't have any Instagram likes, new followers, or post notifications to make me get on social media unnecessarily. Maybe its just me, but when I see that I have new followers or that I got likes on a photo I posted, getting on my phone to check it out is almost an instinct. By Turning off notifications, I keep Instagram-based distractions to a minimum, and I am less tempted to use it throughout the day.

Tip #2: Follow Less People

I used to follow around 400 people. Throughout the day I could go on Instagram and see new photographs each time. Now I follow a little over 200 and, despite the small change, I find myself becoming bored with social media when I see the same photos over and over, and as a result I use it less and less.

Tip #3: Stay Busy

This is probably the single most effective way of staying off the socials. Simple logic. You can't be on social media if you are busy with other things.

Tip #4: Own Your Own Blog

Shout out to Eric Kim for teaching me this one. Using my own blog has totally changed the way I look at social media. Prior to a few weeks ago, I rarely posted on my own blog and used social media as my main creative outlet. But since I started posting articles on my blog regularly, social media has been more of a way to actually interact with other people, as it should be. I am less obsessed with posting to Instagram as well. And now that all my grade A ideas gets written here, I think my writing has improved exponentially.

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