An Open Letter to Camera Companies (My Dream Camera)

Dear camera companies,

I am looking for a new camera, and I have something to say about your products. Stop focusing on specs. I don't need them. We don't all want 4k video, 50 megapixels, or a ridiculously high frame rate. In fact, we probably don't need most of the gimmickey features you pack into cameras these days. When I am shopping for a new camera, I am not looking for a camera that makes new photographs look like old ones, and I certainly don't need one that cant even photograph in color.

Take notes. Here are all of the things I need in a digital camera.

  • A body built like a tank
  • small size (should fit in the front pocket of a backpack with plenty of room to spare)
  • manual aperture, ISO, and shutter speed control
  • 20-24 megapixel full frame sensor
  • a good quality optical viewfinder(doesn't need to be an SLR design)
  • good battery life
  • interchangeable lenses
  • a hot shoe
  • a built in light meter
  • great performance at high ISO
  • fast and accurate autofocus
  • lots of customizable buttons
  • ability to shoot RAW color photographs
  • built in flash
  • a small lcd screen(with live view)

And here are all the things I don't need:

  • auto exposures
  • scene modes
  • film simulations
  • in-camera editing
  • in-body stabilization
  • af assist lamp
  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • >9 af points
  • stupidly high frame rate
  • multiple card slots
  • multiple battery compartments
  • electronic shutter
  • aa filters
  • built in nd filters
  • video
  • microphones
  • filter effects
  • noise reduction
  • distortion control
  • giant grips
  • touch screen
  • tilting/rotating lcd
  • multiple screens
  • ISO over 12,800
  • film camera styling
  • a million and one knobs and dials on top
  • light weight

Get the point yet? Less is more. Leica and Fuji, you are actually doing pretty well, but you all need to step it up. Make a great camera with no extras and I promise you people will buy it. Look at the Ricoh GR series. It doesn't get hyped up by the press, and yet it still sells well and has a huge cult following. That should be all the proof you need that spec sheets aren't everything.

Since it seems like you are having considerable trouble making a camera that satisfies these needs, I will be more than happy to consult with you on the matter for a reasonable fee.